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Not Able to Stay At Resort During VacationPlay.com Tour

What a bum deal to book a vacation to tour a timeshare resort property you are considering purchsing only to find out that you cannot actually stay at the Coral Resort they want you to purchase. We were very let down and even told the representative at check in that we would not be buying a timeshare if we couldn't even stay in a unit during our visit. Cooler heads prevailed when we checked into the Westin Resort on Hilton Head. WOW! It was one of the nicest hotels we have ever visited. Ocean front location, beautiful decor, friendly staff, comfortable room - WOW! We didn't want to leave! So, yes, it is a let down to not be able to stay at the actual Coral Resort, but you have to remember that other owners are using their weeks there during your visit and the island hotels are fabulous, so just go with it! :-)