Hilton Head Time Share Tour Hotels

We had heard very negative things about the hotels that you get put up in when you book a tour on Hilton Head so we asked many questions and felt good about what our representative was telling us. When we arrived on the island, we were very happy with the hotel, the staff, and everything that was included with our package. It's a great deal, you should take advantage of this discount trip.


Coral Resorts Tour Accommodations

We were thrilled with the Crowne Plaza Hotel where we stayed during our vacation with the Hilton Head Guest Services package. Perfect location close to everything and what a great beach. I can't believe the deal we got. Based on the rates I have seen online, we saved more than half of what it would have cost us if we tried to stay there without the Coral Resorts deal.


Not Able to Stay At Resort During Tour

What a bum deal to book a vacation to tour a timeshare resort property you are considering purchsing only to find out that you cannot actually stay at the Coral Resort they want you to purchase. We were very let down and even told the representative at check in that we would not be buying a timeshare if we couldn't even stay in a unit during our visit. Cooler heads prevailed when we checked into the Westin Resort on Hilton Head. WOW! It was one of the nicest hotels we have ever visited. Ocean front location, beautiful decor, friendly staff, comfortable room - WOW! We didn't want to leave! So, yes, it is a let down to not be able to stay at the actual Coral Resort, but you have to remember that other owners are using their weeks there during your visit and the island hotels are fabulous, so just go with it! :-)


Lovely Accommodations and Pleasant Staff with Trip 

On Saturday June 25, 2011 we visited Hilton Head Island and Coral Resorts with We truly enjoyed Hilton Head Island and The Resort. The Island was great and we really enjoyed it. The only negative thing about the whole trip was that the 4:00 p.m. Park Lane Hotel & Suites check in was a small inconvenience. I realize that most hotels do have a check in time of 3-4p.m., so it was pretty typical, but we were SO excited about  enjoying the beach and it seemed like half of our day was just waiting. Other than that, the Vacation Play staff was very accommodating as well as the Park Lane Hotel & Suites staff. I will recommend this great get away to all of our friends.

Michelle Turner, College Park, GA


Tour accommodations at hotel not resort, but very nice indeed!

We took the Coral Resorts time share tour that offers incentives like free accommodations, discounts and tickets to HHI landmarks. We were kinda disappointed because we thought we were actually staying at the resort - which was beautiful, but they put us up in a hotel instead. We complained but the front desk clerk showed us in our confirmation letter where it did indicate that we would be staying at a hotel, then we felt kinda silly.BUT, once we got to the hotel, we were thrilled...VERY nice, right by beach, lots of stuff to do close by...we really enjoyed it. Of course, the staff at the resort did tell us that we could stay there next visit "as new owners".