Long Line at HHGS Office for Arrival Check In

When we arrived to check in for our vacation at the HH Guest Services office, there were a ton of people waiting in line to check in. I was not a happy camper about having to stand in line to wait to get my vacation package info and check in. I was very pleasantly surprised...shocked fast and efficient these gals were. What I thought was going to be a 30+ minute wait took only a few minutes and we were on our way. Kudos to this well oiled team at HHGS!


Our Hilton Head Guest Services Check In Experience

We were very pleased with the staff at the HHGS Welcome Center on Hilton Head Island. The office was clean, well organized, and had plenty of brochures and area info. The desk personnel were friendly, helpful, and quick. Great experience A++


Inconvenient Late Check In at Hotel

Our vacation play trip to Hilton Head got off to a rough start when we got to the Hilton Head Guest Services Welcome Center at 9am and were told that check in time for our hotel was 4pm. Tired from driving all night to get to Hilton Head with a car full of cranky kids, we were not happy, to say the least. We didn't know what we would do for 7 hours and just wanted a nap!!! The guest services rep went out of her way to see what she could do to get us in our room earlier. She made a few calls and we were told that they could accommodate us at noon! We were thrilled. She then gave us a few suggestions for breakfast and suggested that we head over to the hotel where we could explore and visit the beacjh. It worked out great and her willingness to help saved the day!


Timeshare Hotel/Motel Accommodations?

We just booked a promotional vacation with We were told (over the phone) that we would be staying in a luxury hotel on Hilton Head.  Then I started looking around on the internet to find out what hotels they use, and found people talking about hotels like the Days Inn. We were not looking forward to a weekend in a great vacation destination like Hilton Head Island, but stuck at a Days Inn. We did some more research (since the hotels your're assigned to are based strictly on availability) and found that the local "Welcome Center" called Hilton Head Guest Services ACTUALLY uses the Westin Resort, Days Inn, Holiday Inn Oceanfront, Crowne Plaza, and Comfort Inn too. If you have a concern like we did, we encourage you to just call ask. They put us at the Crowne Plaza with no questions asked. Wow! I guess we just assumed the worse, but come to find out, thier operation is very professional. People, just do your homework and know that folks like HHGS and Vacation Play are out there to help.


Lodging Not as I Thought but Very Nice 

I booked a trip through, talked to someone one the phone and was thought that we were going to be staying in the same resort that we would look at during the 90 min. sales pitch.  We thought that was a great idea, we were so excited, and actually considered our potential for buying in. Imagine our surprise when we got our of our cars from the long drive only to find out we would NOT be staying at the resort but in some Island hotel. What a disappointment! We were offered a hotel upgrade to compensate for the misunderstanding. The Hilton Head Guest Services people explained how the process works and how ALL visitors stay in hotels (only actual timeshare owners stay on property). If you are going to use, just know you will not be staying at the resort. To be completely fair, our hotel accommodations were great and we had no complaints once we got settled in.