Wrong Hotel Booked by HHGS

We signed up for the vacation deal with Hilton Head Guest Services where you get a cheap vacation when you agree to visit a resort property. When we arrived to check in, we were booked at a different hotel than we selected. I honestly am not sure if it was a mistake my husband made or if the HHGS booked the wrong hotel. Either way, we were very pleased with the professionalism and courtesey the customer service rep showed....even though my husband was less than respectful after our 6 hour drive. She quickly made the correction, apologized again and again, AND gave us certificates to use at local businesses for dinner and activities. Exceptional service and I would definitely recommend this company to others. 


Hilton Head Guest Services on Hilton Head Island

Wanted to share our experience on this visitor's site to let you know that the people at the Hilton Head Guest Services are super-duper! They were helpful and nice and took the time to answer our "too many" We were traveling with kids and they told us all of the best places to visit and things to do and it was because of them that we had so much fun during our trip. I would reccommend stopping by their office. It's on the main road on the island in the same shopping center with the Fresh Market grocery store. Also they have tons of brochures and souviners for sale.


Hilton Head Guest Services Spirit of Harbour Town Extra Ticket Fees

The company sold us tickets to the "Spirit of Harbour Town Sunset Dinner Cruise" without disclosing the extra $10.00 port fee for each ticket and the $5.00 parking fee. In the evening when we entered the area, we had to pay the parking fee, and at the ticketing area we were told that we had to pay the $10.00 port fees for each ticket.

The next day, we stopped by the office and disputed the fees. They did not honor the fees except for giving us a restaurant certificate to cover the $5.00 parking fee. In a nutshell, the company must disclose all the hidden fees very clearly to the customers.


Coral Sands Collection Letter – unpaid fees

I got a letter in the mail from Coral Resorts last week saying that  my  maintenance fees were past due and I was livid. I had never received any indication that these fees were due not did I agree to them. I called them and was prepared to go to the top if I had to in order to get this obvious billing error corrected and to make sure that I was not getting bamboozled by these folks. Much to my surprise, the customer service rep on the phone was super nice and explained that it was simply for membership in their vacation club and it was an optional feature that I could accept or decline. Once I found out the details, I decided to decline and there was no pressure from the rep and she wished me a good day. Whew...thought I was going to have to fight to get that resolved...what a relief! I feel really bad for even thinking the worse and wanted to share my personal experience with The Coral Resorts in Hilton Head.


Fees, Fees, and more Fees

Yesterday my wife and I purchased tickets to the "Spirit of Harbour Town Sunset Dinner Cruise" through Hilton Head Guest Services.  While the cruise itself was great, HHGS failed to mention that we were going to have to spend an additional $25 on our dinner.  We were each charged a $10 "port fee" and had to pay $5 for parking.  is it so hard for people to tell the final price up front?  Why weren't we made aware of this while we were purchasing the tickets? 

The good news we went back to the HHGS office and complained and were given a few extra gifts to compensate.  The customer service people apologized for the over site and were generous, but I still had to make another trip over there.  I don't want to spend my vacation tracking down lost money. 

Moral of the story: Be sure to ask about any additional fees.