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Sorry, but some people just don’t get it!

I have read some of the posts on this site and it kinda amazes me that people can really be so mindless sometimes and then blame their problems on others. I just had to give my 2 cents worth about Coral Resorts because it seems like they get stuck looking like the bad guy a lot!  I mean you get what bargain for folks. Coral Resorts is a time share company. They don’t try to hide that at all because HELLO, when they call you with the package deal of goodies, they tell you that you get them when you take the time share property tour. When I signed up to do it last year, the gal on the phone told me the spiel and I had to agree with the conditions and then I even got an email confirmation with all of the details and what I needed to do and what I would get in return. 

So, after our long drive to Hilton Head, we are standing there waiting to check in and the couple in front of us looked totally put out and baffled by what the front desk clerk was telling them - while they were holding the confirmation letter in their hand that looked just like mine, which I knew contained all of the info they were disputing. It really kinda ticked me off to have to stand there, waiting for my turn, and have listen to this nonsense just because someone failed to listen to the phone call or read their confirmation letter.

Really folks, you’re getting a major discounted weekend on Hilton Head with tons of cheap to free coupons and specials and you want to complain that you have to spend an hour or 2 taking a tour that you agreed to?  Come on!