Feb222012 Offers Up a Good Bargain Vacation Getaway!

Funds were tight this year so we decided to try one of those special vacation packages from VacationPlay.  I had never been to Hilton Head and it was SO beautiful that I can't wait to go back. The vacation package made it easy for us to find things to do because the customer service rep suggested popular area attractions and we got to pick what we wanted as part of our package. There was a slight issue with some gate fees that we were not aware of to get to some of the attractions that I wish the rep would have told us about, because we had to go find a teller to get some cash, but other than that it was wonderful.


A Good Deal with the Discount Vacation Package to Hilton Head

My fiance and I had been wanting to get away, so we took advantage of the vacation package deal to Hilton Head, SC from It was awesome and we just wanted to spread the word that it is a good deal with lots of "extras" for a fun time on HH. We went on a dinner cruise, played golf, enjoyed the beach, and rode bikes for I know 25 miles!! The hotel was nice, close to all of the stuff we wanted to do and the beds were comfortable.... and we even got to take our pooch!


Sorry, but some people just don’t get it!

I have read some of the posts on this site and it kinda amazes me that people can really be so mindless sometimes and then blame their problems on others. I just had to give my 2 cents worth about Coral Resorts because it seems like they get stuck looking like the bad guy a lot!  I mean you get what bargain for folks. Coral Resorts is a time share company. They don’t try to hide that at all because HELLO, when they call you with the package deal of goodies, they tell you that you get them when you take the time share property tour. When I signed up to do it last year, the gal on the phone told me the spiel and I had to agree with the conditions and then I even got an email confirmation with all of the details and what I needed to do and what I would get in return. 

So, after our long drive to Hilton Head, we are standing there waiting to check in and the couple in front of us looked totally put out and baffled by what the front desk clerk was telling them - while they were holding the confirmation letter in their hand that looked just like mine, which I knew contained all of the info they were disputing. It really kinda ticked me off to have to stand there, waiting for my turn, and have listen to this nonsense just because someone failed to listen to the phone call or read their confirmation letter.

Really folks, you’re getting a major discounted weekend on Hilton Head with tons of cheap to free coupons and specials and you want to complain that you have to spend an hour or 2 taking a tour that you agreed to?  Come on!


Not a complaint in the world about our package!

I just wanted to comment on the trip that my husband and I took from to Hilton Head Island on June 15, 2011 to June 17, 2011.  We stayed at the Crowne Plaza Resort for those two nights and enjoyed all the hotel accomodations. The extra Jazz package was wonderful as well, the food was delicious and the band played beautifully.  The entire trip for the price was excellent!!  We actually took the trip to celebrate our first year wedding anniversary and we loved every second of it!!  Thank you so much for the opportunity to take this vacation.

Alena & Reginald Young, Douglasville, GA


All Inclusive!? Not so much, but great customer service cleared things up!  

Today is out last day in Hilton Head, on our "all inclusive" vacation through  Unfortunately the first day or so of our trip was not at all what we expected.  We were under the understanding that this trip was going to be "all inclusive" but as the first day unfolded it did not appear to be the case.  We booked this vacation believing we were going to be in a suite, instead we were put up in a motel room without a microwave or refrigerator, and the bed itself was a full, not a king.

Thankfully guest services took care of the issue and more than compensated for the misunderstanding.  They were very curteous and helpful, and did what they could to make things right.

Like I said, today is our last day on Hilton Head, and while it started out rough it is ending on a high note.  We will probably come again, but next time with a better understanding of what to expect.