Hilton Head Time Share Advice Needed

We have been approached by a company called VacationPlay about scheduling a tour of their resort on Hilton Head Island and are just trying to make sure these guys are legit. Their website looks great and we have looked at the comments on this site and it seems like VacationPlay and the Coral Resorts are not involved with the timeshare scams and nightmares we have heard about. Thanks for sharing your experiences so others can make a good choice when approached by timeshare companies. See you in Hilton Head!


The Coral Resorts Staff on Hilton Head Island 

Since lots of our friends have timeshares, we decided to check it out and ended up buying one during our trip to Hilton Head Island, SC with We have found the representatives to be friendly and are always ready  to assist us when call with questions about our purchase or to reserve our vacation time. We have also found the team at the Coral Resorts property to be outstanding and they truly seem to care if we are enjoying our stay. For our family it has turned out to be a great deal!


We bought at Coral Resorts and Love it

We bought a timeshare at Coral Resort on Hilton Head Island. We love the property, the staff and all of the amenities the resort offers. Only complaint we have is that the point system is a bit confusing. Once someone explains it to you, it makes total sense but at first it can be a bit perplexing. Other than that...loving our time on Hilton Head!


Time share purchase seems like a good deal to me

We are thinking about doing one of those time share tours things in Hilton Head at Coral Resorts when we visit there next month because we go there about 4 times a year and we are thinking it is starting to make sense to buy one so we do not have to hustle to get a place to stay every time. Lots of people seem to complain about not being able to sell their weeks or about the accommodations they are put in during their discounted weekend, but I guess I’m confused because we really want to buy it to use, not sell our weeks!!! And we are not going there to buy the accommodations we are staying in that weekend, that’s just a place to stay.

Hearing all of the negativity kinda scared us for a minute, but it seems like most of the comments are from people who really were not interested in buying at all, but just getting a discounted weekend in HH and got a little ticked off because they were not staying in the Ritz Carlton. Let me know if I am missing something here.