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Timeshare Tour Not What I Expected

I have a few friends who actually own timeshares so when VacationPlay.com approached us about taking a tour, I was very curious. I went for it and it was not what I expected at all! We were very pleasantly surprised at how wonderful the vacation package was and how well organized and efficient the tour was. Our representative was friendly and helpful and answered all of our concerns without putting pressure on us. We did buy a Hilton Head timshare and cannot wait to spend time at the lovely Coral Resorts.


Better Time Share Tour on Hilton Head Than in Other Cities

My wife and I took the time share tour at the Coral Resorts on Hilton Head. We have done one before in Myrtle Beach but found the staff from VacationPlay to be a good bit more professional. The people in Myrtle Beach were very hostile once we told them we were not planning to purchase that day, BUT the staff in Hilton Head thanked us for our time and wished us a great vacation on the Island. The Coral Sands property in HHI was amazing, I must admit I wanted to buy that day!


Feedback on our VacationPlay Trip to Hilton Head, SC

I wanted to give my feedback on our trip to Hilton Head, SC with VacationPlay.com. We took the timeshare presentation tour and I have to say that it was the best timeshare presentation I have ever went on. The guy who was showing us the property and talking to us was absolutely amazing! If we had been in a better financial situation, we would have bought just because of how great he was! We stayed at the  Park Lane Hotel and it was a great place. It would have been nice to actually stay at the timeshare property or something very similar to the property that was trying to be sold. I think it would have made it a lot better to persuade me to purchase at Hilton Head, but I do understand that those villas are already reserved by owners. Thank you for the trip and for taking the time to ready my feedback,

Christopher T. Nivens


Looking Forward to our Coral Resorts Timeshare Purchase from our Trip with VacationPlay.com

My family and I are very excited to have had the opportunity to visit Hilton Head with our VacationPlay package and take the tour of the beautiful Coral Resorts property. The tour was very informative and rather intriguing and is still being discussed in our home. We have shared this information with family members who are also equally as interested as we are.

We would have truly enjoyed actually staying in one of the actual time share properties and would have gladly paid a little extra to do so, but we actually upgraded our accommodations which afforded us the opportunity to enjoy our stay even more.

Great follow up calls and information each time I phoned in to confirm and ask questions regarding our reservation with VacationPlay. We look forward to utilizing the guest services in the future and ultimately making a lifelong investment.

Richie McGlawn, Duluth, GA


We Will Recommend the Coral Sands Resort in Hilton Head to all our Friends!

We toured Coral Sands Resort in Hilton Head with Valerie on July 3rd and loved it! We are hoping that in a couple of years we will be able to buy into this vacation package. We stayed at Park Lane Hotel and thought the accomodations were nice. We didn't get a chance to do everything that we wanted to do, and so are hoping to come back later for a longer stay. We will recommend this to all of our friends. Thanks for a great vacation!

Sharon Fondren