Nice little trip. No high pressure sale here!

The VacationPlay package, and tour of Coral Resorts, was informative and professionally handled. No high pressure sales pitch! Right after we saw the gorgeous timeshare model at Island Links, the sales lady at The Coral Resorts promptly asked us if we were in a position to make a purchase decision today if what we saw suited us. We politely said, "No". She said not a problem, and directed us to check-out. She left us with her card and asked that we look her up on our next visit. We appreciated the fact that finally a saleperson on Earth took "no" for an answer and was extremely respectful to us. The trip was delightful and the hotel accommodations were first class.
Thanks!   Marvin & Darlene, Tampa


Timeshare Tour Info

These timeshare gigs get a bad rap and I can see why because sometimes fast talking salespeople can make customers feel uneasy. But, we took the tour with Coral Resorts and found the staff to be pleasant and felt no pressure at all - even when we said we weren't interested. What a relief! We got a good deal on a vacation to Hilton Head and received discounts to use all over the area including nearby Savannah. I think it was a good deal and a great time! NOTE: If you don't want to buy anything, TELL THEM. If you don't want to hear a 90 minute sales pitch, DON'T GO. This is not as hard as some people make it out to be. We enjoyed the free gifts on thier dime and plan on going back.


Great Discount Vacation on Hilton Head at Coral Resort

So glad to see that a reputable company is offering deals to families so that they can take vacations to nice resorts at places like Hilton Head Island - at an affordable price! Cannot say enough great things about the staff and their beautiful Coral Resort on Hilton Head. Package included excellent hotel accommodations, loads of activities to keep us busy, comfy and clean and plenty of room for everyone!!! LOVED the resort tour and staff and we hope to be able to buy there in the future!!! My only complaint is that we could not buy while we were there on this visit!!!

The Barnhills, Syracuse, NY


Not Exactly the Honeymoon I Expected, but a Great Trip Overall

When I dreamt about my honeymoon, I had visions of white sandy beaches, private cabanas, the two of us alone with no where to go.  Unfortunately, that's not what we got at all.  No, instead we booked our Honeymoon getaway through Hilton Head Guest Services for a great rate, but were required to take a 90 min. timeshare tour to receive the pre mentioned rate.  Yes... We DID sign up for this knowing the terms. I (I guess we're bargin hunters.) Fortunately everyone was very courteous, and when the 90 minutes were up, and we stood up to leave, the salesman was very understanding, thanked us for our time, gave us some parting gifts, and allowed us to go. Was this the way I envisioned my honeymoon?  No.  But at least the people we dealt with were kind and professional. If you want an inexpensive trip to Hilton Head, we recommend this one. If you want a 5-star honeymoon retreat with white sandy beaches and private cabanas, strike "discount" from your vocabulary on Hilton Head. They do exist, but at $500 per night.


Must be married to take a timeshare tour?

If you’re not married or engaged… beware!  My girlfriend and I just tried to book a trip through to stay at the park lane hotel.  The deal seemed great, we were going to get a trip to Hilton Head, SC for cheap and all we had to do was listen to a 90 minute spiel about buying a timeshare.  We knew what we were getting into, but when we talked to the rep we were told we do not qualify for the package! WHAT!? She said that we had to be married or engaged with matching addresses on our driver’s licenses.  All we wanted to do was book a trip to Hilton Head, listen to the pitch, and go about our business. Word to the wise, check into this before you get your hopes up.  No singles allowed. After we cooled down, they explained that "anyone can visit and take a tour of the Coral Resorts"; however, to get gifts and a hotel room, you indeed must meet the qualifications. They base it on traditional (and legal) sales practices used in the industry. I guess we just felt discriminated, but now understand the program. The rep we spoke to at VacationPlay offered us a "courtesy tour" and a special non-promotional rate if we wanted to just book a normal hotel stay with them. Nice to know that options DO exist for non-married folks.

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